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A high intensity fat burning class that incorporates both weighted and body weight movements in circuit training fashion. This class is suitable for all levels of ability and great if you are looking to loose weight, burn calories and improve your fitness level. Typically run, you will endure 4 rounds of 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off keeping you in that fat burning zone!


Great for beginners looking to build a base level of fitness, and the more experienced athletes looking to push their limits! Come on down and let’s see what you’re capable of!

Kettlebell Class

Initially used to weigh goods at the marketplace, strongmen took it in their stride to swing, pull and press these rounds balls of steel showing off their muscular prowess. Quickly the benefits of such were clear and the kettlebell movement started! Favoured by the Russian Special Forces Spetznaz, and the Russian government, Kettlebells was a staple exercise of the masses in Russia.


Get swinging and learn the art of the Kettlebell improving movement skill, strength and muscular endurance. Our classes are delivered in various formats including for time, circuits, strength-based, journeys (A-Z movements), testing and competition.




Inspired by Dr. Izumi Tabata a Japanese sports-science researcher; Izumi developed the Tabata format of high intensity intervals to help improve the performance of speed skaters. Dr. Tabata found that his format of 20s on, 10s off, endured for 4 minutes or 8 rounds, significantly increased the athlete’s performance in regard to aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.


Today, a largely popular exercise protocol, Tabata will help you burn off those extra calories, while helping you maintain muscle tissue and most importantly, save you time! Our class incorporates predominately body weight exercises, while making use of some basic equipment. Don’t waste any more time and get yourself signed up!


Join us on the indoor bikes for a unique full-body cycling session that will be sure to increase your stamina, strength and mental grit! Keep your body moving to the music with this high energy, fast paced, one of a kind class!

This class simulates sprints, up-hill climbs, systematic movements all kept to pace with the music. Every session carefully designed, our qualified instructors will be sure to challenge your aerobic, anaerobic and CP energy systems!

metaFIT & metafit pwr

Metafit is a high intensity workout including a series of body-weight exercises with interval style training designed to keep your body burning calories long after your training session is complete. Designed by a former marine, this is a class you can be sure will push you to your limits!

POWER LIFTing for Beginners

Increase your skill, proprioception, power and strength with this 60-minute class introducing you to the world of Olympic lifts including specialised movements such as the clean and snatch, as well as power lifting exercises like the bench press, front squat and deadlift.  All designed for maximum strength you will find yourself using partial lifts and lockouts, while developing techniques on how to dump the bar and become stronger than you ever imagined.

Booty Camp

An amazing class for lower body toning and sculpting, guaranteed to shape and lift your backside while lengthening your leg muscles. Also including some abdominal specific exercises to bring out those washboard abs. The class ends with a pilates based stretch sequence to leave you feeling rejuvenated and satisfied.